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From the moment I saw pictures made in BRYCE, I felt that here was something special....BRYCE may not be the worlds best or most complete 3D-program, (at least not Bryce2)and it does have its share of bugs, but it certainly has something very special, almost organic. And to be fair, it was designed from the beginning for landscape-designing, everything else comes extra. Maybe its something about it´s way of handling light.... it has soul or , as some would say, magic! Maybe the mystery is in the core of BRYCE, the Deep Texture Editor, written by Eric Wenger. A part of BRYCE that is not officially documented, and you would probably have to buy Susan Kitchens book "REAL WORLD BRYCE2", to get it explained. I did, and anyone into BRYCE would benefit enormously from this great book. Since there was no manual with the program(-s) that came free with "PC-Format", where I got Painter3, Bryce2, Poser, Picture Publisher and other great programs, Susans book came in very handy.. Mind you, I have read and dealt with many a manual in my life, and Susans book is in a league by itself!


I am a beginner at this kind of thing, but as a former musician and producer of music, I may have had some advantage to start with, a way of recognising good quality maybe, or perhaps even more the habit of trusting my own senses.... But when it comes to evaluating my own work, you will have to be the one to tell in the go and see what I have done since late summer -99! And do tell me what you think, honestly!



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