J_S Sound Tech


This is a silent sound-delivery system!

It converts any sound to energy! It´s based on t Xierom-technology


It is powered by any sound-source, the ear-pieces are in a copper- tube and the sound-waves get transformed to energy-pulses, by an array of neodynium-magnets, xenon-gas, and a special mix of piezo-electric minerals and rare magnetic sands. Small enough to carry around, not totally silent, but nearly!

On the picure to the left is first, from right, a Healing Handle and next is an Energizer. They are basically the same thing, just by size and format more convenient for different applications. The Healing Handle is $115 and$15 shipping, use the button below to order!


The Energizer is handy for energizing water with frequencies,

on the picture there is a 500ml (16 fl oz)bottle on it,

to give you an idea of size.

To buy an Energizer, use the button below

The Energizer is $169 and $20 shipping



As an experiment, to see if it worked to sleep with my Healing Handle, after removing the magnets I previouslyhad in my bed, I made a loop with "Sleep easy_Sleep Deeply..", "Spiritual Attunenement", "Regress Age prt1" and "Blockage Remover", connected the MP3-player to the beta-"Energizer" the big one seen on the picture above.

I figured that ought to show clearly what gives.. I set the player to half volume, and had it by the feet-end of the bed, on the outside in a pocket of my night/gown. That is rougly 40 cm/16 inches away from the feet, with the bed-post in between, some 2,1 meters/ 7 feet away from the head.

No problem going to sleep at all, just had a funny feeling in the feet as I fell asleep, energy was moving about, like slightly tingling, running, water..

I woke up after just four hours, I usually sleep five to six hours, and most notable was that the feet felt better than in a long time. I´ve had an edema-like excess amount of liquid in the feet for sometime... felt much better when I woke this morning.








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