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These links will take you to some of the best collections of links&bryce-related stuff, that I have found! It may not look so much, but when you have checked it all, you may be quite a bit older!


Almost everything you need in one place!

Peter Sharpe´s Tutorials-page

Great tutorials, nice galleries! Some models &links too!

Steve Lareaus Links

Check out the entire site, much for Brycers there!


A must to check out!

the TileNut´s

Links, galleries, tutorials&Bryce-history

Free`s Place

Some good & rare models-links


mega-site for 3-d people. I have a page there I call the Sideshow, and I am putting together a gallery there as well. Just type in" zangsta" in their search-engine and see!


A major resource for anything 3D-related.


A user-list. New. Good idea!
Another fix-star on the 3-D sky!



First is a mix of more Bryce- and 3d-links that I ´ve collected: This is an important links-collection to explore! And it´s always up to date, with the latest news!

Burningham Studios free models

MetaCreations Bryce Tutorials

3D Models and Resouces - 3D Graphics Software

3DWin the 3D File converter, very usefull, everyone should have it!

KPT Bryce Tips - Bryce Websites

Bryce Forum Gallery Information

Mellifluous Resonance - Cloud Tutorial
Melifluous Resonance- Art Exhibit- Fine Art nice work, man!

The 3D Studio - Models

3D Model World a great place, check it out! Spend the night there. , very nice plants, I have gotten me a few, thank you!



sPatch Tutorials Page

Planet 3D - Bryce, Poser, Amorphium, POV-ray, Reviews, Tutorials, models and more...

Planet-3D FFA 3D Graphics Links

3D Resources

Ultimate 3D Links Free 3D Objects, Information, Plug-Ins, Free 3D Meshes, Modeling and Rendering Resource

3D - Links

Space WarsMain Downloads Page

Brycetech Learn Bryce through completed graphical tutorial

Fairy Woods -Poserworld, Figure Downloads

Bryce4All - Resources for 3D Artists and Animators


KLIVE Downloads textures, models


Here are more 3-d related links, that I picked from a much longer links-list(much about Pov-Ray), that you ought to see in all its splendid glory here: Bookmarks from Ken

L-Systems win 95 editor/creator

L-System v4.01

This file contains a Win 95/98/NT freeware
program which generates 3D models in
.DXF file format that you import into and use
with 3D programs such as Bryce 2, 3D, 4,
Truespace, Ray Dream, or any program
which recognizes .DXF file formats

Elcovision 10
Generate highly accurate 3D models from
photographs. ELCOVISION 10 is the most
accurate and easiest to use close range
photogrammetry software on the market
Geometra is a program which can extract
3-D textured models from multiple views of
an object or scene. Also it can be used for
obtaining measurements. The program is
both easy to use and effective. Geometra
currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT.
Exports to vrml, dxf, and obj file formats
ProgMesh - Home Page
ProgMesh is a 3D polygon mesh
simplification program which enables you to
reduce the number of polygons in your
objects without a visible loss of quality.
Input format supported is .3ds. Program runs
under Windows 95/98. Freeware !
sMesh home page
Be sure to check out the utilities on this page
PLANT STUDIO a specialized 3d-modeller for plants, no trees! It´s very well made and easy to use.
By: - Kurtz-Fernhout Software
by Steven Pigeon. Win 95. Also available is
a version for unix, and Power PC. This small
progam generates rocks composed of
triangles and has features for controlling the
amount of smoothing.
Neat little program that produces rocks in
.cob format. Can be easily converted to
POV-Ray format.
Art of Illusion
Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D
modelling and rendering studio. It is written
entirely in Java, and should be usable on
any Java Virtual Machine which is
compatible with JDK 1.1 or later.
Freeware 3D software
he BRL-CAD® Package is a powerful
Combinatorial Solid Geometry (CSG) solid
modeling system. BRL-CAD® includes an
interactive geometry editor, ray tracing
support for rendering and geometric
analysis, network distributed framebuffer
support, image-processing and signal -
processing tools. The entire package is
distributed in source code form. BRL-CAD
is developed and maintained by the US
Military and is offered free of charge
Crocus v1.009a
A parametric 3D modeler based on the
OpenGL library. Understands lparser files
and is able to write them out as Wavefront
HexaGreat-3D is the very easy 3D polygon
modeler. It is English version of
'Rokkaku-Daioh', the most famous 3D
free-software in Japan. Because of its simple
operation and flexibility, both beginners and
professionals love HexaGreat-3D. Windows
output to .DXF.
IRIT modeling environment
IRIT is a solid modeling environment that
allows one to model basic, primitive based,
models using Boolean operations as well as
freeform surface's based models. It has
several unique features such as strong
symbolic computation, support of trivariate
volumes and triangular patches, high
portability, and numerous unique
applications such as surface layout
decomposition, metamorphosis of curves
and surfaces, and artistic line art drawings
of parameteric and implicit forms. Several
OS platforms are supported - see page for
Lattice Designer
3D modeller, exports to DXF. Free
evaluation version until 31/10/2000.
Using Lattice Designer, you can design
complicated surface models with easy to
use operations.
Modelling Prog - Free - Good program to learn Nurbs mdl'g with.
Nurbana - Free 3D NURBS Modeling
NURBS (Non-Uniform-Rational-B-Splines)
offer a powerful tool for accurate free-form
modeling of anything from machinery
to organic forms. Our fast OpenGL graphics
and innovative user interface are coupled
with state of the art NURBS curve,
surface, and solid model manipulation tools
and precision accuracy to provide one of
the highest quality and most affordable 3D
editors available.
Powerful 3d modeller supporting POV and
many other formats.
Bicubic Patch Modeller
A Bicubic patch modeler: English/Japan.
Windows. Very basic. Output PovRay.
Blob Maker
Blob Maker is a free blob modelling program
for POV-Ray that operates on a windows
Human and Organic Modelling program
HamaPatch is a program that offers similar
functionality to the program sPatch. It is
a bicubic patch modelling program. Unlike
sPatch this program is still under active
development and should continue to evolve
into something better. The program has now
been designed to be bilingual in the same
distrubution offering both English &
Hamapatch Homepage - English
This site offers an english version of the
new exciting BPatch modelling program
called Hamapatch.
Pixels has a flexible commercial PowerPC
NURBS modeler and animation system
called PixelPutty which exports to 3DMF &
DXF (2.0), but will soon export to POV-Ray
format as well (2.1). A free demo is
downloadable from their web site
Softy 3D
A unique organic (?) shapes modelling program. Has POV-Ray support Something like SPatch output
SOR Modeller - Dark Skull Software
This Site contains a small 3D modeler that
allows to create Surfaces of Revolutions
(->Téléchargement\Surface de Révolution)
This program has direct support for
POV-Ray v3.1 and will also export to .dxf.
Site is in French but the program should be
usable by all.

TAD Comprehensive Software Suite For architecture - POV-Ray out ?

SPIRALIZER a 3-model program, that uses fonts as source for its models.
Graphic Files Conversion Programs
FTP site contains about 13 utilities for converting between different graphic file
formats. Also on this site you will find
VFD (video for dos) and DTA (Daves
targa animator) version 2.2
Rendersoft Illusionae - 3D Texture Maker
POV-Ray v 3.01 texture editor English-page
Sausage Software - Reptile 2
Reptile 2 allows you to easily produce any
combination of wavy, bubbly, organic, big,
small, wide, narrow, rough or smooth
textures. And besides generating a vast
range of shapes and surfaces the program
also features a great way to color the
textures to suit the look and feel you require.
This program is free.
SWS Sine Wave Surfer
Free texture generator
Tile 99 Freeware
A freeware tilable texture creation tool.
This program creates seamless textures for
use as background in web pages and other
applications. It also can create seamless tga
heightfields for POV-Ray.
UVMapper - Texture Map Creation Utility
Have you ever said to yourself "I'd love to
use this Wavefront model I found on the
web, but it doesn't have a texture map, and
without a program like Detailer or Painter I
can't figure out how to color it?" Well if you
have, then UVMapper is the program for
The Virtual Characters Archives Network!
A great source of Human/Creature 3D
models in various 3D file formats. Site also contains
tutorials, textures, and other 3D related
resources for the computer graphics artist.
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