Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by airplanes and flying machines of all kinds(UFO´s etc.), to some degree. But I do have a very special affection for those built around the second WorldWar, and I plan many more pictures as soon as I can find or build better models than the ones I have found free so far on the Net. I simply can´t afford to buy any of the real high-quality ones I have seen ...... So why are those Spifires, Mustangs, Tempests&Fw190 so special then? Well, the only thing that I have thought of that makes sense, is that during this period the aircraft came as close as they ever have to actually resemble birds of some kind...they almost became organic, like an extension of man. And as such, a very potent trigger of our dreams(or memories?)of having the ability to fly, I would think.


Owerflying DerelictTowers.jpeg

Hi-tech 3D wallpaper, anyone?

watch your tail!.jpg

Mediterranian Spitfires mrkVb.jpg

Next set of 3D pictures!

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Picture in Pyramid and tower-design is "Derelict" by Sharron Lytwyn, made in UltraFractal