"the Holy Place" by Jörgen Sangsta -99

" It may be remnants from the days of the StoneBuilders, nobody really knows these days. A little temple, floating a foot or so over a strange knoll with foilage on it, in the middle of the Secantarian desert, is mystery enough (some say that they have seen it elsewhere at times...)So the big translucent ball of an unknown material, floating in the middle, and glowing at night , making one see strange, dreamlike landscapes(it is said), is just too much for most on this world to even think of.......But on top of all this comes the stories from miners that on and of go out to the area, of a man who has been seen there. A few of them have spoken with him, he calls himself Rebazar Tarz, a name no-one recognises, and no-one has seen any kind of vehicle belonging to him...264 halneks from the nearest source of food or drink! He says that he comes from a place called Sri Nagar, but no-one has ever heard of it...He claims that a wellknow man called Jesus was buried there, but who´s ever even heard such a name here on Lparsi?"